Letters: they exist as a way of communication, as a visual influence on our immediate surroundings, as a mirror to the current zeitgeist, and as an infinite source of inspiration & motivation.
We just can’t get enough.

Letter passion

Remember the first letter you drew? The surprise in seeing the handwriting of your grandpa? Or that one funny letter you saw in the streets? We were introduced to that fire when we were very young, and we’re still passionately going. Growing.

Enormous three-dimensional letters on the facade of a factory, the small leaden letters in the drawers at the academy, exfoliated sticker letters on an old garage door, a crazy ligature hidden in a graffiti tag, a stunning font on the promotional poster of an exhibition: our entire environment is bursting with inspiration. Our fascination increased when we studied at the academy of fine arts, where we devoted ourselves to a big pile of new appliances and expressions.

We were born creators. Form connects us to the outside world. Through this new world of letters and visuals, we transformed our fascination into techniques and fresh skills quite quickly. From handwriting and calligraphy, to letter design and digitalization: curious as we are, we definitely won’t stay within the margins.

Digital and analogue

To understand letters, you start at the script. This is the essence and the foundation of our craft. Still, recognizing calligraphy and handwriting is vital.

Especially today – in the digital era, with the possibility of using so many online tools – we want to show the added value of working on paper.

Plus: working with your hands is cool! We are addicted to ink, paper and getting our hands dirty. That real feel of creating something.


Course programme

We offer individuals, schools and companies course programmes tailored to diverse needs. The level and the curriculum of the course will be adjusted to the participants. This way, everyone can join in!



You can find our regular courses in the main menu, under ‘courses’. These courses are suitable for individuals of all kinds of creative levels.



We organize lectures where letter colleagues will speak about their specialty. Furthermore, we give lectures on our own work.



As a team, we participate in exhibitions where we showcase our own work. Next to this, we organize exhibitions to display pieces of our colleagues in the field. A huge variety in letters!


Important to us

We greatly appreciate education as a section of what we do. To share our knowledge and skills, we organize extensive courses next to our regular courses. These are available for groups, companies and schools.

Very regularly, we organize lectures in which we invite our letter colleagues to speak about their work. They offer new insights, visions, visuals. Our own work is often showcased too, in various exhibitions. To stay updated on all of these courses, lectures and exhibitions, you might want to check our news page. Immediately applying for the mailing list is a good one, too!

The right tools

For every craft specialist, there’s one important rule: good tools are half the job. We like doing material research and experiment with different kinds of tools. Doing this research means that during our courses, we work with the right brushes, paper and ink. Have any questions about the materials we use? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Exploring and discovering

We wouldn’t be able to teach our courses without sufficient knowledge. This is why we do extensive research to really get under the skin of creating. From the history of the Blackletter to trending digital techniques for letter design: we devour all. During these sessions, new visions start to grow. A challenge! After our research we give form to structured new ideas and pack ‘em all up, ready to share our freshly gained knowledge with you, our audience.

Word up !


Letters are inseparably bound to culture and are shaped differently all around the world. As part of our research and passion for new understanding of the letter craft, we love to travel abroad. All over the globe, we learn from our colleagues, artists and other calligraphy junkies. The worldwide abundance of typography influences our work greatly! Like in Armenia, where we researched the differences and similarities between the Latin and the Armenian script. There are infinite scripts to discover! We’d love to learn and experiment some more. Next year, we’ll possibly even do this in Russia or Japan – inspiring countries, we’re sure.


The team

High on Type contains eight individuals who share a passion for letters. In 2013, we joined forces and combined our skills. Everyone holds their own perspective and, within the group, has a different task. Meet team High on Type!

Main team
Vincent de Boer
Guido de Boer
Hans Schuttenbeld
Ivo Brouwer

Support team
Peter Korsman
Casper Herselman
Rutger Paulusse
Timo Kuilder
Jeffrey Schreiber