Workshop Arabic Lettering

Arabic Lettering Workshop: Protest (lettering)
Lara Captan & Kristyan Sarkis

ALW is a series of Arabic lettering workshops that introduces participants to the fundaments of the Arabic script to create fun lettering pieces. Every ALW episode takes on a different theme; for the occasion of the Arabic Type Festival 2017, the episode will be Protest.  

In this workshop, participants will learn about the main characteristics that define the Arabic script and letterforms, and will be trained in a methodology to play around with them in order to generate lively results while using protest graphics as a point of inspiration. 

About Lara & Kristyan

Lara is an independent Arabic type designer & typographer based in Amsterdam. Since 2005, she embarked on a long, silent road to discover the history and mechanics of the Arabic script with one constant aim: The wish to create Arabic typefaces that spring from the graphic heritage of Arabic writing yet transform the past in search for modernity. Kristyan Sarkis (1985) is a graphic and type designer from Lebanon, based in the Netherlands. He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University (2006), Beirut and an MA of Design in Type and Media from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague (2010). His primary motivation is his fascination with the endless forms of Arabic calligraphy.


For this course the level is medium. This allows everyone to participate who has some background or experience in lettering or design. Are you ready to learn from the best? Then sign up here.


We have all the necessary materials for the course. Do you have a great book, brush or anything else you want to share with us? Take it!