Basis course Blackletter

What will you learn?

Welcome to the world of the Blackletter! Through our presentation, you’ll learn everything on the history of these letters. Where did blackletters appear first and when did they split themselves into multiple variations? You’ll learn to distinguish between a Textura, a Fraktur and a Rotunda. Then it’s over with book knowledge: it’s just book knowledge, after all. You’re here to create letters. We’ll teach you to write in one of the above mentioned styles: The Textura. First, we’ll do lowercase and if there’s time left, we’ll teach you some fun capitals. All the letters! Black letters! You ready?


For this basic course there isn’t previous knowledge required, everyone is welcome. Are you motivated to dive into the world of Blackletters? Then you’re very welcome!


All necessary equipment is present during the course. If you have favorite tools, cool examples or any other interesting information, bring it!


This course will be given this year only once during the first edition of All Eyes On Type. When participating in the course, you get free access to the entire weekend, including the lectures!

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High on Type © Jack Westerlaken-38

What exactly will I learn?

This basic course is about the “Textura”, see above. The theoretical part provides a clear view of the complex history of the Black Letter. To put this theory into practice, we’ll start with the main Blackletter script, the Textura. The course is rich in information and full of challenges for the novice calligrapher. Want to follow the Blackletter Masterclass? Then this is your opportunity for the perfect preparation! The Masterclass we give in the next edition of All Eyes On Type.



Which Blackletters are there?

The general term “Blackletter” is divided into three main categories: Fraktur, Rotunda and Textura. We focus in this course only on the Textura, the easiest of the three. During the presentation we will explain which and why the variations are there.



Can I join with my level?

The basic course Blackletter is not necessarily more difficult than a basic course calligraphy or scriptletters. This means that everybody is welcome for our basic courses. So are you motivated to get started with this script, let’s go!