Masterclass Script letter

So you’ve done the basis and you’re still super into letters? Welcome to our two-day masterclass. In these, we’ll teach you more on the latitude of the script letter. We will explore, discover. Excited about broadening your horizons and looking for more creative freedom? We will start working on Capitals (from strong to elegant), Ligatures (cool letter combinations), Decoration (‘save the date’) and different styles within the same system (from tattoos to formal writing). After this masterclass, you’ll be half a pro already. Just saying.

To directly apply this information and capabilities, we end the course with making one final image. We would love to see some quotes from TuPac, Wutang or Biggie! (;


The masterclass requires some prior knowledge. Did you follow the basic course and didn’t your enthusiasm stop after that? Then you’re probably ready to go! Have you developed your skills in a different way and want to participate in the masterclass? You might be able to join as well.

From all the participants, we first ask at least three photos in which you show your current level. We do this check to make sure that the level of all participants fit together.


We have all the necessary materials and tools for the course. Do you have a great book, brush or anything else you want to share with us? Take it!


By attending the course you will get free access to the whole weekend and also direct access to the lectures during this edition of All Eyes On Type! Register quickly because this is the only Script Masterclass of this year.

See more pictures here.


Composition and decoration

Questions about decoration are always relevant. Do or Don’t? If yes, where? In the masterclass, we finish on day two by making one final composition. In this part these questions will be discussed and we provide the tools for answering. The ability to play around in the end will provide a nice end of the course!


What exactly will I learn?

The masterclass is about exploring and discovering. So we start to investigate the ultimate potential of the brushpen. What different styles are possible? What variations of the capital ‘A’ are possible? And can I make a ligature of the second and fifth letter in a word? The course is full of challenges and provides a rich amount of information.


Can I join with my level?

Once you have the basics mastered and if you’re ready to dive into crazy scripts, you can participate in the two-day masterclass on 27 & 78 May. To be sure of your level we’ll ask you to send three photographs of your current level.