Basis course Script letter

What will you learn?

In the basis course on script letters, we’ll teach you how to handle a brush pen. This is quite a nifty tool that will have you discover a huge amount of room to play around in; a tool that guarantees multiple possibilities and variations. Once you get the hang of it, that is. With the brush pen, you’ll quite easily vary with the thickness of your strokes. This technique delivers fun results: a firm and readable letter contrast, based on the going script (cursive). In addition, the script letter is a relatively ‘quick’ letter, that will have you create pretty (and personal) results within no time.


The level of this course is beginner. There is no required entry level, only your enthusiasm! Already done the basic course or have you been practicing a lot? Then you can participate in the masterclass in which we go further on variety, ligatures, composition and decoration.


We have all the necessary materials and tools for the course. Do you have interesting materials, books or nice examples? Take them, we appreciate all your input!

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What exactly will I learn?
During this basis course you will learn to write with a pointed brush. Through the personal guidance anyone will be able to write a full alphabet of lowercases. On this foundation, anyone can create their own style and try to make variations. But that’s up to you after coming home!


Can I join with my level?
Because the level of this course beginner, everyone can join! We see enthusiasts come from all disciplines with a shared interest: script lettering. Besides sufficient concentration there is no previous knowledge required.


Customized course!
Are you with a group of friends or colleagues interested in a course? Or would you like to see us coming to your location? That’s possible. We love to do personalized courses. Please contact Vincent.


A great day!
After all the positive experiences of the already given courses we can proudly say that it will be a nice day. Four hours full of script madness, shared enthusiasm and concentration.

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