High on Type
3 in 1 Workshop!

Calligraphy, Experiments & Screenprint Workshop
30 March 2023 @ Kapitaal Utrecht

Yes! After a long period of focusing on our own exhibitions and performances, we felt like organising something for the High on Type community again. And what better to do that together with KAPITAAL in Utrecht? Where we started High on Type in 2014 and have organised countless calligraphy workshops.
Now, we have come up with a crazy day. We want to cram three shorter workshops into one day. We will start with a good-old calligraphy practise, then we will delve into collective writing games and experiments after which we will screenprint a publication with the results! Finally, at the end of the day, we'll toast to being gezellig together and surprising each other with crazy drawings, all with a biertje and book in our hands!

⁠Saturday 30 March
At KAPITAAL, Kroonstraat 9 in Utrecht
⁠€120 including “3 in 1 workshop” / drinks / 3 publications
  • Welcome 12:30
  • Start 13:00 (don’t be late, there’s a lot to do :)
  • Finish 18:00
  • Drinks (until) 19:30

Register by paying via this link and sending an email to info@highontype.nl with the confirmation and the bank account number you used to pay.

The workshop is fully booked!